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How do I revoke a Will?

The Testator (person making the Will), may revoke it at any time. If a Testator is making a new Will, it must contain something called a ‘revocation clause’ stating ‘This is my last Will and testament and I revoke all previous Wills and testamentary dispositions’ otherwise, the original Will remains in force.

The Testator can revoke a Will by physically burning or tearing it up and a Will is automatically revoked by marriage or civil partnership unless there is a specific clause stating that the Will is ‘made in contemplation of marriage’. It is important to note that a Will is partly amended automatically, on the date a decree absolute or dissolution of a civil partnership is issued. If a former spouse or civil partner are named as a beneficiary or executor, the law will treat the Will as though those people died on the day of the decree absolute or dissolution took place.

You need to seek quality legal advice once divorced as by not changing your Will, there can be many – quite costly implications. Remember, ignorance is no defence!