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Types of Wills


The word ‘Will’ in legal terms is a very small word with a very big meaning.

Does the thought of writing a Will frighten you? Do you think you are too old to make a Will?  Or more to the point, too young? Are you one of many people who think that the minute you have made your Will, you are going to die?

These are all very human reactions; however, it is well worth noting that in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “there are two things that are certain in life, death and taxes!”

By dying intestate (not having a Will), you are leaving your loved ones in a difficult situation as you may not have made your wishes clear, there could be confusion or arguments about what you would have wanted, and this can lead to family rifts which may never heal.  Some family members may feel that you simply did not care enough to make a Will.

Thousands of people put off writing a Will each year, as they find it a confusing, daunting and emotive process, which brings their own mortality into focus and makes them realise they won’t always be here. Another major point to consider is that, in today’s affluent world, many people do not understand the true value of their estates (homes, savings, life policies, pensions and other assets), which can result in them inadvertently leaving their loved ones with an Inheritance Tax problem following death.

All these problems can easily be avoided by having a professionally drafted Will drawn up by TLB Planning Ltd.

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