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Home Protection Trusts

Home Protection Trusts

At TLB Planning Ltd, we know from experience that the most important thing people want to leave in their Will, is their home; however, in many circumstances, leaving a large asset in your Will can cause problems for your beneficiaries.

Many people worry about losing their homes, causing them to make ill-advised decisions, such as handing over their properties to their children during their lifetime. This is something we strongly recommend you do not do, as once you have given your home away, you have lost control over it. If your children were to divorce, become bankrupt or die, the security of your home would be under threat.

You may wish to write a child out of your Will. Unless it is done correctly, they could contest your Will and would have every chance of bringing a successful claim against your estate following your death, meaning your chosen beneficiaries could lose out.

Most of us don’t know when we are going to die and sometimes, it might be that your children do not want to inherit at that particular time, perhaps because they are going through a messy divorce, or that by leaving them a lump sum of money, you may inadvertently cause your children an inheritance tax issue of their own or they could potentially lose all their means-tested benefits.

At TLB Planning, our Home Protection Scheme allows you to remain in your own home for the rest of your life, whilst fully protecting it from all these threats.

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