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Unusual and Unwanted Wills

There are many unusual wills and bequests but the strangest of all is that not even half of UK adults make wills at all. Make sure you’re one of those who does make a will, so your belongings go to the right people, and your wishes are fulfilled.

Looking Ahead with Confidence – LPAs & Care Home Fees

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) will prove invaluable, if at some time in the future you can’t make your own decisions about how your money is managed, or how you are cared for.

Marriage, Divorce and Wills – the facts

Find out what impact marriage or divorce could have on your will and your dependents.

Guardianship Clauses and Life Insurance Trusts – doing the very best for your children

We discuss why your will should include a Guardianship Clause stating the person you would like to act as guardian to your children should both parents, or the last surviving parent, pass away.

Sideways disinheritance – are your children at risk?

If you have children and move on to a new relationship, it’s important to review your will. This blog will help you ensure that when you pass away your estate goes where you want it to – rather than automatically to your new partner’s family or other beneficiaries.