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Guardianship Clauses and Life Insurance Trusts – doing the very best for your children

We discuss why your will should include a Guardianship Clause stating the person you would like to act as guardian to your children should both parents, or the last surviving parent, pass away.

Sideways disinheritance – are your children at risk?

If you have children and move on to a new relationship, it’s important to review your will. This blog will help you ensure that when you pass away your estate goes where you want it to – rather than automatically to your new partner’s family or other beneficiaries.

The high cost of dying intestate

Dying intestate – that is, passing away without leaving a will – can compound the grief of losing a family member by adding significant legal, financial and emotional strain... yet around 2 in 3 adults have not yet made a will.

Who died first? How the order of death can impact on your loved ones

Stepchildren and other, non-biological children, are not automatically recognised as beneficiaries in law so it's very important to make specific provision for them in your will.

Why do Will Legacies Fail?

Many people like to leave gifts (known as legacies) in a Will, however these gifts don’t always get to the chosen beneficiary.