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Remote consultations during social distancing

During these changing times, many clients are keen to get their affairs in order. Our consultations can now take place remotely, either by phone or by Zoom video call or similar (if you have that facility)

With the current restrictions on movement due to Covid-19, we have adapted our way of working to ensure it meets the social distancing requirements:

Initial Consultation by phone or Zoom video call (or similar), during this consultation, we will:

• Discuss and fully understand your financial and family circumstances;
• Analyse your objectives – who you want to protect, what you want to protect and why;
• Offer solutions based on our range of services;

After the meeting, you will be sent a draft Will by email, together with a Commentary explaining the legal jargon in plain English. Once you are happy with the documents:

• We post your bound Will to you for signature, together with signing instructions to ensure your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney can be correctly attested (signed);
• We ask that you send us a photo of the back page of your Will, so that we can check all signatures are in the correct place

Verifying your identity

During this period of remote working, we have a slightly different way of ensuring you are who you say you are!
• If you're taking part in a video call, you can hold up your passport or driving licence during the call;
• If you're taking part in a telephone consultation, we ask that you take a scan of your driving licence or passport and email it to us in advance, or take a photo on your phone and send it to us from your phone.