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How to make a valid Will

Your Will takes effect the moment you die, however, sadly, many Wills fail. This leaves the people you appointed to close down your estate (known as your executors) and the people due to inherit your assets (known as beneficiaries) with a huge headache and often quite a mess to unravel.
There cannot be anything more annoying when, having taken the time, effort and made the conscious decision to write your Will, it is then worthless, meaning you have died intestate (without a valid Will).
For your Will to be valid, the following things need to apply:
• You must be over 18 at the time of making the Will (unless you are serving in the armed forces);
• You must have full mental capacity – known as ‘testamentary capacity’;
• You must have the intention to make a Will – meaning that you understand your wishes only take effect on your death;
• You must know and approve the contents of your Will, i.e., you understand what you are leaving and to whom;
• You cannot have suffered pressure or undue influence from a third party. This means that no-one can force or coerce you into making a Will.
• Your Will cannot be fraudulent, which would occur if someone had told you lies about or misrepresented a beneficiary (person you wanted to inherit).
• A forged Will cannot be valid.

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