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How to sign a Will

What can be more upsetting or disappointing for family members to discover your Will has failed because you did not sign it correctly? And more to the point, you are no longer here to rectify matters!
For a Will to be valid, the following must apply:
• It is in writing and has been signed by the testator (person making the Will). If the testator is unable to write, he can make a mark;
• The signature is witnessed by two or more independent people, at the same time the testator signs;
• The witnesses attest the Will, meaning they are signing to say the testator’s signature is genuine.
Points to note:
• The witnesses cannot be named in the Will or married to anyone named in the Will. If a beneficiary (person who will inherit) acts as a witness, they automatically disqualify themselves from receiving any inheritance.
• A blind person cannot witness a Will and neither can anyone who lacks mental capacity.
• An altered Will always causes complications. If you want to alter your Will, write a new one!
Remember, ignorance is no defence!